At Sterling Capital Group, we operate a simple, straight-talking, impartial mortgage broker service, making it easy to understand mortgages and helping you find the best deal for your needs.


Trusted Mortgage Advice in Enfield

We search 1000’s of mortgage products to find you the right deal

We partner with some of the biggest mortgage providers including Santander, NatWest, and Halifax

Dedicated end to end support from a leading local mortgage broker in Enfield

Advice and guidance right through from finding a mortgage deal to submitting the paperwork

A hassle free process and positive mortgage experience, every time

Our mortgage advisors take the headache out of mortgage applications

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Here's how we can help you...

When it comes to moving house, finding the best mortgage deal is critical. With a great deal, you can ensure that you’re able to make an offer on your dream property.

Unfortunately, the mortgage market can be a bit of a minefield. Especially if you're looking for a new mortgage.

With so many mortgage lender options available, it can be challenging to know how to find the best mortgage and lowest mortgage rates. That’s where our mortgage broker team can help. 

As a top Enfield mortgage broker, we know that mortgages will be one of the most important financial decisions you'll ever make. That’s why we offer a free mortgage consultation service for everyone, from the first time buyer to existing homeowners wanting to secure new mortgages with more attractive monthly payments. 

As an independent mortgage broker, we’re not tied to a specific mortgage lender. This means we can scour the entire market to find low rates that help you save money and secure the best mortgages. 

The most effective and efficient way to find an affordable mortgage deal is to seek advice from the experts; from our professional, experienced, trusted local mortgage brokers in Enfield who specialise in mortgage solutions that not only help to get you on the property ladder, but also climb higher.

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Areas of Expertise

We’re proud to have a highly experienced and diverse team of mortgage brokers with professional experience spanning multiple sectors across the whole market.

Our specific areas of expertise include:

First Time Buyers                           

Securing a first mortgage is a big step. Our independent mortgage broker team can assist with all aspects of the mortgage application for first time buyers, helping you to secure an agreement in principle from your chosen lender.  An agreement in principle not only demonstrates to your estate agent that you’re in a position to make a purchase, but also makes you an attractive choice for sellers wanting to move forward quickly. 

Remortgaging for Moving Home

If you’re thinking of moving home, it’s tempting to stick with your existing lender. But how do you know that they’re still offering the best mortgage deal for you? There may be better, lower cost mortgages out there, so it’s always worth chatting with an independent mortgage broker see what’s available. You may be able to upsize or downsize while significantly reducing your monthly repayments by making a switch.

Remortgaging for Home Improvements

Growing tired of your old bathroom? Dreaming of a new kitchen? Or how about adding an extension or conservatory to give yourself more space? As whole of market specialists, we can scan interest rates across multiple lenders to find you the best deal and reduce your repayments, leaving you with more money in your pocket to spend on refreshing your home. We'll walk you through the entire remortgage process.

Buy-to-Let and Investments          

We specialise in interest only mortgage solutions for the buy-to-let and investment sector, supporting landlords as they expand their portfolios across North London and the Greater London area. With buy-to-let mortgages typically being more complex to secure than a standard homeowner mortgage, we’re always on hand to help investors maximise their rental income without stresses and strains. 

Our Free Mortgage Consultation Process

An appointment with a mortgage broker is a big step towards securing your perfect home. But it doesn’t have to be nerve wracking. Our Enfield mortgage broker team is friendly, professional, and understands how important finding great mortgages with the lowest rates is to you.

As leading Enfield mortgage brokers, we’ve developed our unique approach, ensuring that your free mortgage consultation is simple, seamless, and 100% stress free. Here’s what you can expect when you team up with us:

1. Simple Questions

Our mortgage advisers begin by asking some basic questions about the type of property you want to buy, and your salary. This helps us to determine the best path forward. You may be eligible for mortgages with additional support in buying a property, either through the Help to Buy scheme, or through shared ownership. 

2. Mortgage Options

As a leading mortgage broker, we work with numerous providers to offer you a diverse set of options. Our mortgage advisers always explain your options in clear, easy to understand terms, making it simple for you to see which mortgages are best for your needs and help you secure the best possible deal. 

3. Budget Planning

We’ll compare mortgage rates with your monthly salary, spending, and deposit to narrow down the choices and see what options are the most suitable for your situation. By combining all of this information, our mortgage and protection advisor team factor in potential risks to find the best deal. 

4. Mortgage Deals

Using the information provided, our mortgage advisors generate a list of all possible mortgages across the mortgage market right now. We’ll work with your chosen lender to provide you with a decision in principle, showing you exactly what the provider is willing to offer you at this moment in time. 

5. Find Your Dream Property

All that’s left to do is find your dream home! View some properties, put an offer in, and if it’s accepted we’ll be ready to support you every step of the way. Your appointed representative will help you navigate the mortgage application process step-by-step, helping you secure the funding to buy your new home. 


Alongside our free mortgage advice, we also offer life insurance solutions for homeowners. Our mortgage and protection adviser team helps to find the best deals for insurance policies that can financially protect your next of kin and ensure they’re able to cover mortgage payments should the worst happen. Our dedicated protection advisor professionals are trained in life cover, mortgages, and grief handling.

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Much More Than Just a Mortgage Broker

At Sterling Capital Group, we’re known for being a mortgage broker Enfield residents can rely on. Our dedication to providing high quality financial services and offering the best advice to our clients.

However, we like to think of ourselves as much more than just another mortgage broker. We’re a ‘one stop shop’ for all things related to the mortgage process, going above and beyond what you’d expect from the average high street independent mortgage advisory. As well as advice, we also specialise in:

Comparison: Unsure whether you’d be better with a variable or fixed fee mortgage? We do all the calculations for you, presenting you with simple, clear, and understandable facts and figures. 

Communication: Your appointed representative will handle all communications with your mortgage company, solicitor, and surveyor, ensuring everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Paperwork: Don’t worry about forgetting to fill in or submit a critical form. Our team know exactly what’s needed to ensure a smooth application process, and we’re happy to handle all paperwork on your behalf. 

Continuity: We know how important it is for your broker to understand your situation. That's why you'll work with the same mortgage adviser though your entire journey with Sterling Capital Group.

Why Choose Sterling Capital Group Mortgage Brokers?

Save time and hassle

Having spent more than a decade offering free advice as leading Enfield mortgage brokers, your independent mortgage advisor understands the intricacies of operating within the North London market, and can offer advice that’s tailored to you.

Maximise your chances of success

Our unique trading style allows us to do what others can’t - operate as a ‘one stop shop’, providing personalised support and advice right from start to finish, across all areas of securing funds and buying a new home. 

Good advice

Based in North London ourselves, we’ve formed strong relationships and networks with local estate agents, solicitors, and surveyors in the area, ensuring we know just who to contact to get the ball rolling. As a mortgage broker, Enfield is where we are, we know, and where we specialise.

Our mortgage advisor team offers 100% free advice, with absolutely no obligation to move forward. And, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, you have peace of mind that we’re always giving the best advice possible. 

Expert mortgage advice

We’re proud to be independent advisors, searching 55 of the best known lenders on the market and negotiating with our comprehensive panel to find the right mortgage deals around. We draw upon our strong relationships with prominent across the country lenders to secure exclusive deals that meet our clients’ needs. We leave no stone unturned, doing everything we can to offer you the most attractive monthly payments. 

Get in Touch With Your Local Enfield Mortgage Broker

Looking to work with a mortgage broker Enfield locals love? Get in touch with our Greater London team.

For a no obligation consultation, tailored advice, help finding the best mortgage deals, or assistance with your mortgage application contact our mortgage adviser service today.

We’re here to provide advice on anything mortgage-related, from finding the best provider to making early repayments or even taking a payment holiday.

Use our online contact form to request a call back, seek advice, or speak to an adviser by contacting us at our registered office at Liverpool Street, London.